A service that enables the real application of blockchain technologies in the domain of freight transport

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About the project

ULT app was created for the purpose of providing safe freights without having any recourse to intermediaries when it comes to service provision. It marks a new era in logistics with the deployment of blockchain technologies. The implementation of private blockchains together with the GPS-tracking opens the possibility of having the access to a fast, safe and simple search engine with an user-friendly interface that makes it much easier to find a suitable transport for traveling the roads in the chosen area. And as for the drivers – ULT constitutes a comfortable service for finding new clients as well as the confidence about receiving the payment once all the terms of the agreement have been met.

Why choose ULT service?

Modern technologies

A private blockchain ensures a safe environment for the functioning of the system.


ПULT app serves as an opportunity to find a customer or a carrier in just a few clicks.


No intermediaries

The usage of the private blockchain means that parties do not need any intermediaries.


ULT service can be applied to the large area of logistics and freights.

For drivers

One of the parties is a user that is registered as freights service provider. In process of the service use he gets orders from the clients that are nearby. By accepting the order the driver accepts the terms of the agreement that is incorporated into the blockchain and states the runtime of the order, the delivery address, and the price. In doing so, all kind of situations that can occur in process of the service use are taken into consideration (e.g. a delay on the way, accidents or other obstacles). In case there’s a breach of the agreement, the parties are provided with several options for further development of the deal: you can prolong the agreement under the same conditions or with a change in them; otherwise, you can get out of deal automatically.

For customers

For customers who are the orderers of the freights services, ULT is a perfect opportunity to find an executor (driver) in just a few clicks. Once logged in the app, the user specifies the address from which the freight should be taken, along with the delivery address. After filling out the form, the app automatically starts to search for the drivers that are nearby. The agreement between the parties, incorporated into a private blockchain, is considered as the performance guarantee. It states all of the addresses, the amount of payment and the deadlines.